UVC Sanitizing & Virus Protection Lighting

UtiliTarget's Light Force line of powerful UVC virus-prevention lighting is perfect for schools, hospitals, offices, manufacturing facilities or just about anywhere there is a concern for disinfecting and breaking down air born viruses by destroying their DNA and RNA. UVC lighting can help reduce the spread of Corona viruses, common colds, and Influenza.  Unlike UV lighting, our UVC lightings C rays are safe to use and safer than natural sun light.   Again, unlike UV lighting our UVC lighting is safe for people to be in the rooms when the lights are on.  Our UVC lighting has no color spectrum, so it does not disturb, and goes unnoticed as it does its job of surface disinfecting as well as breaking down the airborne RNA and DNA of most viruses. If reducing down-time due to illness and just keeping people safe and healthy is a priority, please inquire about our Light Force UVC lighting.


How Does UVC Light Sanitize Against COVID-19?




About UVC Lighting

Utra violet-C (UVC) lighting may be placed in entrance ways, bathrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, cafeterias, or anywhere people tend to gather.  They can be very effective in buses, ambulances, or any form of transportation that services a large amount of people. With the use of power divertors, installation is possible in moving vehicles.  We also have a very powerful yet safe handheld unit that can disinfect surfaces in seconds.  These devices are great for seating areas, vehicles, church pews or anywhere that is a little more difficult to reach. These lights may be used on tripod stands which allow application in portable settings such as environments with multiple rooms.  This portability allows you to sanitize a room and make it safe before people gather; After the gathering clean up the room, wipe down surfaces and plug in the lights for 10 minutes.  UVC lighting offers many uses and variations.  For a Risk Mitigation strategy for your facility call today!  

Testing UtiliTarget's Light Force Line & Its' Disinfecting Properties


Watch as surface bacteria levels are measured before and after a 1-minute exposure to UtiliTarget's UVC lighting. Bacteria levels measure significantly lower (~60%) after just 1-minute of UVC radiation.


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